"This is ostensibly a book for high performers, its one of the best all-around success/motivation books I've ever read! I can say with certainty that reading this book (and I've read it a number of times) has really helped me in so many ways. I just started my own technology company about a year ago (after starting a successful business that lasted 8 years prior) and I keep this book on my desktop as a reminder of the internal state that I need to cultivate moment to moment in order to maximize performance. I make a point of reading a page or two every morning...it really gets me going!  The sections entitled "Embrace Failure and Fail Fast" and "Develop The Heart of a Champion" are especially powerful for me. My only complaint is that the authors haven't stated when their next book is coming out." -- Stephen Elliott, Co-founder at Merchantocracy, Inc.

"Nicky's coaching has given me the confidence to pursue goals in areas in which I previously had a lot of self-doubt.

I have a hobby: I am a songwriter. I have been working on improving my ability to write songs for about 6 years, but I was never happy with my voice. While working with Nicky I realized that I had made some decisions about my ability to sing, which I thought were true. I thought that I had a bad voice which I couldn't control. I also thought that I had a bad ear.  What I realized while working with Nicky, which made all the difference is that I was consistently unprepared. The doubting that I could really sing well was causing me to be lazy in my practice, which was then giving more evidence to my belief that I couldn't do any better. Nicky didn't coach me in singing, but he coached me in eliminating self-doubt and on doing the work needed to be well prepared.

Two months after starting with Nicky I am well on my way to being a strong and confident performer. I have aggressively been developing myself at a pace that I never have before.

Finish Line Thinking supported me through the ups and downs of taking on something new and personally risky. While I kept throwing myself into new ways of thinking, NIcky was right there to make sure I didn't get frustrated and give up, and to help me realign my direction when needed. He provided the compassion of a good friend along with the commitment to growth of a great teacher.

Along the way I learned some great skills for effective use of my schedule, making and keeping promises, and turning disappointment into a learning opportunity.

I don't think working with Nicky is for everybody. It takes a large enough commitment to achieving a result to set aside one's own deeply held beliefs.  But for the person who has this kind of commitment, working with Nicky is a spectacular opportunity."



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